How do I place floating objects (UI)?

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  • I do not know how to place a floating object (UI). How can I?

  • UI or HUDs are usually placed on a LAYER above the game level and the LAYERS parallax and scaling amounts set to 0,0 and 0

    this way it will always stay on the screen even if the player moves around

    you can also use the Anchor behavior to fix it on the screen position

    step 1 create a new layer above your game level using the layers tab in the project tree and name it "UI" or "HUD"

    and set the parallax and scale settings to 0,0 and 0 for scale ( it can help to show parallax in the editor as well by checking the box...where it says so)

    step 2 place all of your UI objects into this layer

    they should now "float" above the game level

    hope that helps

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  • Be aware that if you try to place an object on that layout once you set the parallax, you'd be best off scrolling the view to the top-left of the layout first. Took me a while to figure out why my objects were disappearing as soon as I dropped them into the layout. =)

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