How do I place events at the right place Host or Peer

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  • I apologize for my not so crystal clearness, but I'm stuck and do need some pointers to a direction where I can learn more and get un-stuck.

    I've read and done the Multiplayer tuts backwards and forwards, especially the real-time tutorial. Even though I do not completely understand it to 100% - I understand most of what the events do but not always WHY it needs to be set the way it is.

    I've used the multiplayer-real-time tut way of constructing a game and I've come pretty far with my game. The problem is... I can do all the functions and things I want the game to have if it were a single player game, but now I can not work out how I should place these functions.

    I've managed just the basics so far... to make the players move with direction animations. To be able to shoot using a Finite State Machine. To explode when they die. To change the speed in different wind-conditions. I made the controls for both mouse-control the player-objects, and to control on a touch-device. And some other things so I have the basics for the players like, move/turn, shoot, kill, get killed.

    I have lot's of needs but I'm not sure the best way to implement them, or if it's even possible?

      I need to make the players spawn at different spawn-places. Using sprites for players to spawn on. I need to make the player invisible when they die cause there is spawning an explosion on top of them. I would like to have some things fade in or out. Some things to flash some things to get pinned to other objects I would like some objects and information be showing for the peers but dont be forced to sync them I would like to use the behaviour timer for objects. I want a fast network-multiplayer-game and do not waste bandwidth if I can avoid it.

    This game is meant to be able to have up to 10 players at the same time. So to avoid game lagging is a priority.

    I need pointers to work out how to know where to put events in the right places. How should I think and can anyone help me to places or tutorials where I can get the information? What's the approach of thinking here?

    What is possible to do in the HOST group and what is not? So it will show not only on the host but with the peers also.

      I know I can move my player (peer) to different positions. I can set the peers variables I can change arrays I can test if things are overlapping or collisions. I can make the peer see a variable if I synced it. I seem to NOT be able to... set a sprite invisible use many of the behaviours like flash or pin to. Set animation frames so the peer can see set the animation

    I get crazy

    I can't figure out the route... the pathway to think - if I want a function in the game.

    It feels like all I do in the host group - the peers can not see.

    If I for example want the peer to see a change of a sprites animation I need to like set a variable at the Host-Group then at the Common-Group make the peer change the animation. Or make an input in the peer-group

    It's completely mind boiling up to 500 Fahrenheit exploding brain kind of thing - this...

    but I don't want to give up have I come this far.

    I have a learning by doing - do some research - way of doing things, but this multiplayer thing are pretty advanced and sometimes I just cant find the right info anywhere. Like sometimes I do not know what I need ask. So any pointers here to get me on the right track are so appreciated.



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