How do I place a Colorize effect on objects?

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  • Hello, is there an effect that changes all of an object's colors to one Hue? Like an effect that's exactly like the Colorize option in GIMP?

    I'm thinking of a day to night system and at a certain point in time I want the colors of all objects to change to a color that's appropriate for the time of day.

  • There are the hue effects and the color effects and the hsl effects..

    So yeah, can all be done..

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  • No, the hue effect makes my object disappear. HSL changes each color of an object to a completely different one which is not what I'm looking for. Like I said I want to know which effect can act similar to the GIMP colorize effect where it changes every color into one type.

  • You could use the Grayscale effect to remove the color information, then add the Tint effect to add a global color value and finally change the hue with the AdjustHSL.

    Alternatively, you could add a Sprite on top of what it is that you want to colorize, add the Color Blending mode effect and use an AdjustHSL on that in order to change the hue. In my opinion the second choice delivers better results.

    Ashley, I notice that the second option renders a weird mirroring effect on the editor. At run time it's fine though.

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