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  • Hey all,

    I'm having trouble with the pixels not showing correctly in a project. Here's a sprite in preview mode:

    And here's the same sprite in the image editor:

    As you can see, the pixels have kind of smudged - is there a way to get them to appear exactly as they are in the image? I'm using point sampling and the layout scale is set to 4 because I have a 1920x1080 window, but I want to use 16x16 sprites - not sure if that has something to do with it. I've messed about with a load of settings but I can't figure it out - any help with this would be appreciated!

  • Have you also turned pixel rounding on?

  • Pixel rounding is off, but it actually looks no different either way.

    I'm sure this issue has come up before for someone else and there was a simple solution... just can't seem to find it!

  • Seems the resolution of the final sprite not is the same you put in the sprite size.

    Click on the image and in the bottom options click on "Size: Make 1:1". Run again and see if is solved. I had this problem some times, i don't know if this will be your problem, try that.

    i mean, maybe if you updated the imgae and in some case you resized if you copy another image this will have the resolution+previous% of the resize you added previously. So with "Size: Make 1:1" the size of the image wll be the same as the original.

    Or create another blank sprite and copy or load an image and see if still happen. If that then maybe the screen resolution on your project settins see if you have: Crop, scale inner or whatever, if i remember well for pixelart: Letter box integer scale.

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  • I forgot to mention it's a tiled background object and that seems to be the problem; when I use the same image as a sprite it looks fine. Ho hum.

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