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  • Does anyone else have this problem, sometimes when resizing images its off by half a pixel. The only way to fix it is to disable snap to grid and set it manually. This also sometimes happen when placing sprites next to each other. Is there anyway to make it so that its always aligned? Even setting snap to grid to 1 doesn't work.

  • Ohh.... That explains the problems I have had aligning sprites... :) Is it a glitch?

  • I personally never use the snap to grid.

    Quick question though, what is it that your aligning?

    Some good advice i read in a post by Ashley was that you really should be using tiled backgrounds wherever it is possible (instead of sprites). The boost this gives to framerate is phenomenal.

    You both might know this already - but I thought it was worth mentioning anyway (Would have saved me a lot of time resizing sprites anyway!).

  • When I use snapping I tend to put the origin on top left.

    'Cause it's size and position that are really snapped, not bounding box... (maybe it should be the other way around? I wonder)

    Anyway if you have a 32x32 grid and you put side by side a 32x32 and a 64x64 sprite, they will align their center, so of course you'll have 16px margin around the small one and border won't be aligned.

    Put the origin at top-left and your done (:

    Anyway, sometimes you need the origin to be centered for rotation thingy, so yeah maybe bouding box snapping could be a neat option. I leave the reflexion to you and to Ashley maybe (:

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  • I called them sprites but they are tiled backgrounds. 30*30 pixels of one colour, but when there a slope I want to use a bigger version of it to quickly cover the area up. GenkiGenga if you don't use snap to grid it must take forever to align everything perfectly. With the snap option I can quickly place the tiles.

    Thanks Yann that works. I didn't realize that it was the image origin point that was causing it.

  • Ah ok, cool.

    Yeah all the zooming thats required would slow me down for sure, but i enjoy the fine control with the layouts im working with.

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