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  • Hi, so I've been playing around with the platformer template, I decided to try importing one of my sprites and get firing guns working following this tutorial:


    I ran into problems with the pixel positioning of my graphics, firstly the player sinks into the solid platforms for some reason as shown in the image below:

    I set the origin to the base of the player as the previous graphic had:

    Even when i fire projectiles it spawns in different locations when I move around, the higher up the level I go the closer to the character they spawn. (the position is not static).

    Here is my event list, if that helps anyone:

    Its probably quite obvious to you guys, but for the life of me I can't tell where I've gone wrong.

    Thanks in advance!

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  • Double click your object and check your Set Collision Polygon located right underneath the Set Origin and Image Points.

  • Your bullets are spawning on layer 0, but at least you gun is on layer "Game" - I'm guessing they aren't the same, and you have parallax values on layer 0 (background).

  • Thanks guys, its fixed

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