How do I make pistons / moving platforms with Spriter ?

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  • Hello everyone ! For a little platformer, I'd like to make animate things, like some pistons and a big gear which moves thanks to a mecanic arms.

    I know we can do this directly with the events, but it seems to be more practical and useful to use something like Spriter.

    Like, we create our animation, and implement it in the game afterward. So our pistons are basic platforms but with specific behavior/animations etc...I'm a bit confused for the spriter part. I can make the animation, but then ? Is the procedure described somewhere (The tutorial I found explains how to import our animation in the game, but not how we play between the animations and the engine) ? Can I use the free version of Spriter to do so ? Thanks, sorry if the question's already been asked there !

  • The sprites and animations can be made in any program you want or in the C2 sprite editor.

    Once you have the pieces you want you set them up as either looping or not looping and then give them behaviors to create the movement in the events.

    There are many good tutorials on creating sprites and animating them.

  • FreeWolf

    Their youtube channel is awesome. ... onstruct+2

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  • lamar Thanks for answering but I already know that, as said in my message ! I know how to create my sprites and bring life to them, my question was how to deal with the animations and the engine afterward. I don't know if I'm clear. Anyway, thank you !

    99Instances2Go Oh god, how dumb am I to have looked everywhere but on their official channel. Grblbmblm. Perfect, thanks mate, gonna take a look at this !

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