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  • I have a enemy that consist of the body and the arm. The body is it's own sprite and the arm is it's own sprite. Obviously so should i pin the arm to the body. This is where problems start. If i make the event on start of layout Arm Pin to Body position and angle it works for one version of the body sprite. If i make more then one copy of the body sprite the arm doesn't pin. And i want to have multiple copies of that enemy. Since the arm only seem to be able to pin to one copy of the body sprite i made multiple sprites of the body and the arm whit the same image and animation properties. So everywhere where a copy of the body sprite was located i placed a new body and arm sprite. I made every new arm pin to a new body. So far everything sounds well. But when i tried to run the game the problems came back. The arm sprites animation has 93 frames. And every frame has a image that takes relativly high amount of memory. The arm sprite takes up 100 MB. So for every new arm sprite i make 100 MB get's added to the project. Whit all arm sprites i need the project takes up so much memory that i can't run it anymore and i don't think alot of others would be able to either. So i can't create multiple versions of the arm sprite. So i erased all new arm sprites and only left the first one intact- My next solvation was to have multiple versions of the body and pin the first arm sprite to every single one of them. That doesn't work becuase if i pin the arm to one then one sprite the arm doesn't pin to any sprite. How am i going to solve this?. I want the arm to pin to the body and have multiple versions of the body and the arm. Why doesn't the arm pin if i make a copy of the body sprite. Why doesn't it do it?

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  • How about putting the body and arm in a container?

    You could also reference the right body by instance variable or UID, but in this case using containers should work perfectly..

    By the way, 100MB for an arm?

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