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  • i am trying to teleport the player near the enemy base (the red circle) and pin it there if the enemy weapon collides to the player. however, the player can still freely move even if pinned. in the screen shot, the "is Pinned" status is true yet it should be not moving.

    i already tried doing it on new project to test it and it works well on that particular project. is this some bug on the IDE? i have been experiencing a lot of trouble on pin and pathfinding behavior where it works on other new projects but not on my current project.

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  • i have fixed it. earlier, i am trying to trigger pin behavior by comparing variables. although it makes the "is pinned" true, it fails to actually pinning the object to another object.

    now, i tried to trigger pin behavior on collision and works how i want it to be.

    again, is it a bug on pin or just an error on my logic. i realized that i was doing the same on pathfinding behavior that's why it doesn't work properly.

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