How I Make this Pinned Animation reaper after Replay

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  • Hello, I was actually editing a Template, and I put the mechanic sprite as invisible and I pinned the animation sprite to the mechanic.

    Works properly after start the game, but after the character dies, and I click on restart the game, the pinned animation just disappears, So I tried to spawn it with the main motor sprite but nothing worked, I am still noob with this and I don't know the solution, I also tried to search.

    I attached picture of the cap. And marked the event lines in red the pinned animation is the last picture.

    Thank you!

    PD: Edited

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  • Sorry, your images are a bit confusing and can't really tell if anything is incorrect.

    I don't see where the Animation is being created or spawned. And can't tell what's going on with the behaviors, such as, is there a fade, any events/action to stop the Animation from being destroyed if it's pinned.

    Walk away from it for a bit. Come back and look over any and all behaviors that are associated with the Animation and what it's pinned to.

  • Hello Jeffige I just did as you said and took a rest with the project, and I found the behaviours where the animation is spawned and fixed it easly.

    Thank you, and sorry for the confusing pictures.

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