Pined object's copy ...not same ?!?!

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  • Hi guys, I have a tank with platform behavior and also sine horizontal + on top a turret pinned to it...with the original all is fine... as soon I copy it..the copy...or even some times the original has the turret not on the correct place...the are on the same layer with no paralax...

    do U know why ???


  • ..I have deleted all behaviors even the platform it seems to be ok...but I need the platform behavior on it...what can I do ? ( basicly it should fall from a higher platform and stay on the ground..that's why I nedd the platform...I would like to avoid phisics)...

  • Hi again... I am becoming crazy!... I noticed this...maybe U understand the problem:

    as soon I copy tank and turret for example 2 seems that all turrets are following only one of the three tanks.

    It seems that the copies are not having a individual setting, but are following the sine movement of one of the tanks...I need many individual pined turrets to each tank. I I copy the tank and move it up, the copied turret has an Y traslation... Could it be for the new beta version ??? or it is just me ???

    thanks guys...I hope somebody can help me...I would like to avoid to "clone object type"...otherwise I have to redo each setting for too many tanks

  • I have run into the same hassle with copying. I have some detailed enemies that I wanted to simply copy so as to have many parameters already complete and then modify others and the sprite into a new enemy but "Copy" in construct2 seems to simply mean "clone" which is not what I needed. I do not know if its even possible to simply "copy" an object that makes a new un-cloned object with original parameters... seems like there should be. If you find it let me know.

    Without that I am afraid you will need to make lots of objects if you want different behaviors for each.

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  • Hi again...look, in the new capx the turret is not falling together....

    and changing the sine magnitude will also not following together the turret....HELP :/

    thanks guys...I hope to solve the problem

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