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  • Greetings there!! ;)

    Hoho!Well i am trying to create a pinch-zoom on a project for phones, and i got the multi-touch plugin and so on.. and after working on it for 1 hour i realized that cocconjs doesn't support the multi touch plugin..

    Oh well, now i have been searching the forums for this, i found great zooming tutorials, but none about the pinching one (how u zoom in/out when looking at pictures of an iphone) for example.

    Now i have read that the new CR supports multi touch already, but i cant seem to make it happen. Anyone who can help me with this?

    2 fingers at once on the screen, pinched = zoom out.

    2 fingers at once on the screen, going the opposite directions = zoom in.

    Can it be done on CR?

    Thanks in advance!

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