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  • I'm building a pinball game and the biggest problem I am having is the paddles. They need a pretty heavy impulse in order for them to smack the ball - to provide a fast paced gameplay. BUT... it seems the revolution limits are not doing their job :S I can literally see the paddles rotating beyond their limits and hopping back, and I think this is causing the ball to fly right through the paddles... Which is my problem - ball flying through the paddles. Can this be solved by setting stepping iterations? Which one should I boost, velocity or position? Or could there be a poor mans work around, by applying a certain force to the ball when it collides with the paddle while its moving, so I can slow down the paddle speeds - and lower the iterations to save some CPU.

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  • Alrighty. Figured I'de share my solution.

    1) For my fast moving object (ball), i set its bullet property to ON. (Boy... i should try this new thing called reading)

    2) Updating text box's every tick = BAD. Practically doubled my frame rate on mobile by getting rid of this.

    I'm testing on the cheapest huawei I could find, so if it's running decent on this I don't have any concerns. BUT... the low frame rate is what was causing the glitches, so i'm not too too sure if the bullet property actually solved this (but holy crap I hope so). I'll have to pile up some useless functions to kill the frame rate to be sure, but like I said... if it runs good on my $100 crap phone. None to worry, right? Literally... 80mb of ram free.

  • are you using physics or no ?

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