How do I pin a turret onto a moving object?

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  • Hi everyone

    I'm creating a singleplayer boat shooting game and the enemies are boats with turrets pinned to them... That's what I planned for.

    As soon as the boat starts moving, the turret doesn't move and just stays perfectly still, not pinned onto the boat. Are the Turret and Pin behaviors not compatiable?

    If I could get a reply ASAP, that would be amazing.



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  • If you use 'pin'. You have to pin it in an action. A specific instance to another specific instance.

    With 1 boat you just do it in the 'on start of layout.

    But i suppose you will have more boats. Then you have to do it on creation. Preferable combined with the use of containers.


    Create the boat. (when using a container it will auto create the turret)

    Place the turret (it will be automaticaly in a picked state, so no additional picking needed)

    Pin the turret to the boat. (due the container the right boat and the right turret wil be picked)

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