How do I Pin a sprite to another sprite on one axis only?

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  • Is it possible to pin a sprite on one axis only?

    So that it moves along one axis with the parent sprite but is free to move along the other freely?

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  • system > ever tick | objPinnedSprite > set position x= objOtherSprite.X

    for Y you take whatever you like (eg. Mouse.Y)

  • Thanks, I tried this however the Y axis in this case is being controlled by physics and when I do this I get sporadic results.

    I need to find a non intrusive way to pin the pinned sprite to the x axis of the other sprite so that the physics on the y axis are retained

  • here i would try a helper Sprite (invisible) that has the physics behaviour attached

    Now you can set position of your visible Sprite to .... (see example above only the other way arround)

  • Thanks again, I tried this also.. as well as attaching the physics and the movement together to the visible sprite.

    On both occasions the re-positioning of the x axis from the movement seems to interfere with the physics engine and the sprite ends up moving erratically away from its location as it attempts to complete it's own repositioning

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