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  • At run time I spawn a sprite1 on each image points of sprite2. I then want to pin the sprite1 to each instance of sprite2. Yet it seems like they are all pinning to only instance of sprite2. Have any ideas that will help?


  • I know it's kind of a weird game, but it still doesn't pin the dot to the object that's it's near. I've even tried not using a family and that didn't work.

  • I think you may need to save it as a .capx if you want us to view it, or include a .rar/.zip of the whole folder. This seems just to be the project file, without the things like Event Sheets and all the important things

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  • Thank you emoaeden. I thought I saved it as a single file but here is is and it's updated in the first post.

  • Ummm.... hate to ask, but did you put this in your public folder on Dropbox? As I'm getting a 404 error when I try to access your demo.

  • Dang it lol, no but I thought you didn't have to do that now, but I'll try.

    Here it is in the public folder:

  • Alright so the only way I could get it to work is if I spawned in the object(the head/body parts) then pined the other object(the dot) to it.

  • Just had a look at the HeadRollv2. Are you wanting to attach the body parts to the head upon intersect ?

    If so, just enable the last command, if see how it looks now.

    I did a bit of tidying up in this capx as well :-)

  • lol ty. What I want to do is have the points connect. Like drag the parts to the head and they'll connect at the points. Then eventually I'll get legs, arms and other body parts and have them connect.

    Then I'm hoping to be able to have it where you could walk with the physics. Though thinking about it now, that might not work because when the legs try to go past each other, they will get stuck. I'm talking about walking similar to the game qwop, but I want to have simpler controls.

    Link to qwop:


    One question. What are you trying to do with PPIP and BPIP?

  • THE PinPointImagePoint (PPIP) and BodyPointImagePoint (BPIP) are there so that you can reuse the same code, instead of having to have multiple copies of it, as you're just adding a Pin Point to the different Image points, which increment by 1 each time.

    As for your QWOP clone, you would be able to achieve this by having it so when the head intersects body parts, it is replace with a new character. And just have it that you have to get an arm, leg, arm, leg, so you only have to have a few different cases.

  • Thank you emoaeden, for all your help. I didn't really want it to be a QWOP clone, I just wanted to use that as a reference for how I wanted my character to walk.

    But I want the game, where you can mix and match body parts. I want you to be able to eventually use animal parts also.

    I kinda wanted it to be like a puzzle where you have to use the body parts given on the map to complete it. A couple of ideas of this would be putting a lot of legs together to make a snake that goes through a tunnel, or multiple arms that can reach far places. So there would be many choices and hard to make separate sprites for all choices. I hope this makes sense.

    BTW all the sprites now, probably won't be in the finished game. I'll keep working on trying to get the them to pin to each other. I just noticed that there is a joint option in the physics behavior. I think I'll try and use that instead of of the pin behavior.

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