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  • Hello

    I am building a memory game with 4 drop zones in the corners.

    I am looking for a way to pin correct answers to the 4 corners the boxes.

    I tried pin with rope and it aligns all of them to the right.


    Picture car manufactures in the four corners (porsche, lambo, bmw, fiat)

    and model names like (911 carrera, contach, 750e..) scrolling across the screen and the user drags and drops the model to the manufacturer. If it is correct I currently show a smiley face, or an explosion if it is match or not.    I would like to see how it would look if i pin the matches to the 4 corner and change the opacity.

    any advice greatly appreciated.



  • Something like this?

    SnapOnDrop.capx (r111)

  • Thank you for the quick response. I'm running v108 and I get an error opening it that says it was built with 111 and cannot be opened.

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  • i downloaded 111 :) checking it out.


  • Thank you very much I see how it can be done now.

    I used set position x, y instead of set position to another object so that I could offset the image on a corner. This way I have multiple correct matches.

    Very much appreciated.

    Thanks again


  • Hi,

    I downloaded Nimtrix' sample file and tweaked it a little bit:

    -Added different graphics and more animation frames (from 3 to 6) for both Object and Target.

    -Added an action to move object to top of layer, to ensure that the object would land on top of the target.

    The objects snap into place when placed on the correct target. However, they for the most part snap into place in the wrong place! That is, they don't stay in place when you drop them but are snapped to a completely different part of the canvas.

    Try out this to see what I mean:

    A is supposed to snap onto 1, B onto 2, C onto 3 etc.


  • Nimtrix,

    Hi and Wow! ... thank you for sharing this sample and YES, it is VERY HELPFUL indeed as i was also trying to work out a simple game of Drag & Drop ...

    Thank You.

  • Nimtrix,

    Hi and thank you again for the sample you had shared and i have replicated using your method and found it to be very efficient.   On my computer it seems to be on AUTO PLAY so i made some adjustments to the version i was recreating.

    Thank you very much for sharing, it took me days to find something like this ...



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