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  • I have a sprite with several different animations. I have one where he swings his AXE I created an image point that follows the tip of the axe.. I'm trying to " When playing "Attack" animation spawn a little dot that will follow the axe so when that dot hits an object it will do something... as of now when it's creating the spawn at the default location of the whole image... I have it as follows..

    When hunter_img is playing "Attack" -- > Spawn DOT -- > hunter_img.ImagePointX(1)

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  • I guess the "PIN" behavior won't follow an ImagePoint, it just keeps position & angle from its spawn point related to pinned object.

    I think you need to use a position action on your DOT sprite. So you need to create an event like :

    When hunter_img is playing "Attack" > set DOT position to (hunter_img.ImagePointX(1), hunter_img.ImagePointY(1))

    This way, every tick, the DOT will be positioned on the imagePoint. (you can also give names to ImagePoints)

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