How do I Pin with physics

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  • I am trying to create a ferris wheel. I had an object rotate and other objects (platforms) pinned to the rotating object with a soild behaviour. When I tested, the platforms did not sway, they just moved with the rotating object (fixed in place, static, but moving with the object).

    How can I get the platforms to move about, sway etc when pinned and with the pysics behaviour?

  • I have no experience with the physics object myself, but the following seems relevant.

    [quote:3tk9cuv5]Create revolute joint

    Create limited revolute joint

    Hinge two physics objects together, so they can rotate freely as if connected by a pin. Limited revolute joints only allow rotation through a certain range of angles, like the clapper of a bell. An image point can also be specified to connect to a specific part of the object. Note that an image point of 0 specifies the center of gravity of the object - if you intend to connect to the object origin, use -1.

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  • oosyrag thanks, I checked it out. I just have to mess with it until I get the result I want.

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