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  • multiple pin behavior is not working on my game.

    i am trying to pin object from bluweapon1 - 5 on Bluplayer1-5. but when i do this:

    this happens:

    yet if i try to disable all but only the bluweapon1 for bluplayer1, it works perfectly:

    i don't what is wrong with this and i think it is supposed to work like i intend to. please leave a reply

  • update: i don't know what i exactly did but it works now. still want to know why it happened earlier

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  • In number of sprites like that,it is suggested you use families and use pin as family behavior. If you want those items pinned on every tick:

    Every tick: Set [object] to position to [BluPlayer] Image point (0 or whatever IP you want)

    If you want them for just the function you have, replace "every tick" with the function you got.

    Hope that helps or falls in the type of coding you want for your game.

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