Pin between instances without Families?

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  • Hi,

    building a snake demo for a base flexible chain algorithm, but the Pin behavior does not support to pin between 2 unique instances of the same object.

    So I've tried through families (as in the demo rope project), but the new instance connects to the whole family instead of the last instance.

    Hope you know what I mean; attached the project file. Use the left/right arrow keys a while..


    Any help welcome

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  • Where you have 'Set number to BlobFamily.PickedCount', PickedCount will always be 1 since you've just created a new Blob and it will be the only one picked. Use BlobFamily.Count instead in those two actions. And I'd add a 'Blob is NOT pinned' condition to the top of event 3.

  • Thank you, your Tipps finally made the first logic work.

    Now I will try to reduce the chain length during runtime, so there will be green and red apples.

    Attached the current work, maybe someone can find a use for it.


    Best regards!

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