How do I PIN an INSTANCE to another INSTANCE?

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  • Hello beautiful Scirra peoples!!!

    I read everything I could on UID and pinning... and I'm sorry, I just don't get it. There was a bunch of pseudo code and philosophy that was really confusing, and I apologize for being thick... I can get just about anything as long as it's explained to me the way you'd explain it to a child... but once I got it, I can build on it! Not *entirely* thick.

    So here's my issue, and Oh YES, I Have A CAPX.

    1. I have some sprites that move called RAINDUMMY.

    2. I have some other sprites called ACTUALDROP.

    3. Both of these sprites have been copied out five times in order to be frugal.

    4. The ACTUALDROP has five different colored frames, and each sprite shows a different frame.

    5. I want to PIN the ActualDrop Sprites to the RainDummy Sprites, but when I try, all the ActualDrops wind up on only one RainDummy.

    My actual goal is a bit more complicated, but I feel that if you can point me in the right direction, I know I can solve the rest of it on my own!

    Thank You, everyone! Have a awesome day!

  • Just trying to figure out how to attach a CAPX...




    I need to raise my reputation before I can post clickable links...

    Thanks again, guys, you're the greatest!

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  • This should work:

    HOLY MOLY! That is some logical stuff right there! I love how simple and elegant it was to avoid the overlapping problem!

    Little Stain, you are a lifesaver, and you are now my BroChacho, and you may drive my Camaro as soon as I fix the dang drive shaft!

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