How do I use pin to behavior in multiplayer

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  • Hi guys!

    Just a quick question... ( I hope )

    Do the pin to behaviour work in multiplayer for the peer? With the peer meaning not the host.

    I have a peer-object for all players and in that object I have a container with an object (sprite) that I want to pin to the peer.

    Do I need to sync the pinned objects when they are in a container and are pinned? I do not need see them if I play as a peer. Only the host need see them. They DO need to move with the player ( to be pinned ) for the host but the peer do not need see them visually.

    I ask this cause I need to pin some invisible sprites on the player for detecting where a mouse/touch-device has clicked/tapped.

    And I was thinking... as long as the host can see/keep track of the objects, the host could decide for the peer if the pinned sprites are clicked on. Am I thinking totally wrong here?

    I wanted to save some bandwidth and not being forced sync these pinned sprites. And also these sprites does not need to be visible for the game plays sake.

    I have a solution where I every tick position the sprites, but it would be nice to be able to when peers connected pin those sprites to the peer-object.

    At the moment it works for the host, but not the peers.

    I'm a bit lost sometimes with the multiplayer awkward thinking. Like If I for example place a normal button on my HUD. Both the host and peers can see it. I do not need sync it. Then in my (Common) - event-group I can use that button for example menu operations and so on.

    But if I have these sprites I want to pin. I can see them on the peer, when I'm looking in the host game-window. But they do not get pinned? They just stay at the position where the peer got created.

    But the hosts- sprites do get pinned.

    Thanks for listening so far.

    In the future I will post some more questions about multiplayer. When I have a bit more structure on what I need ask. Sorry for my disorderly questions.

    Right now I'm learning by doing with the multiplayer, using the tutorials.

    Later on I'm encouraging everybody to help out straighten out some questions and give good pointers to what direction yo need to go, when starting to program multiplayer projects. Especially the thinking.

    Some general praxis on the workflow and planning is needed - to convert a good working game you've made in singleplayer - into a multiplayer.

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