How do I use pin

  • what i have is a moving object that is not actually moving but is just changing its origin in order to look like its moving( this is the animation). I want object 2 to stick on object 1 but because the object is not really moving and just precieved to be moving o2 does not follow o1.

  • You could add an image point on the animated object and just set the other object's position to the imagepoint every tick. You could also change it so the animated sprite actually is moving so you could use the pin behavior.

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  • A couple of untested ideas which might work depending on your particular setup.

    Change the animation of object 1 so the origin stays in the same place but the actual sprite does move.

    Depending on the type of movement (e.g. just left to right?) Replace this with actual movements (e.g. sine)

    give object to a similar animation to object 1 e.g. changing of its origin point

    (if these turn out to be ridiculous ideas I would like to point out that I've not had a cup of coffee yet )

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