How do I get my pictures back (saved as html)

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  • Hi All!

    Seem to have a little problem.. I created an sort of app in construct 2, just didn't upload it as an app, but html5.

    Then I saved it on my website. The tablet hung in the public space and people were asked for permission to use the camera device. When they allowed, a picture was automatically made after 5 sec. and the photo's were saved on the cameraroll.

    On pc it all worked fine. Once on the Samsung tab A tabet the pictures were saved as webpages (html) and they are not visible

    When trying to open the html file, chrome says:

    Exported games won't work until you upload them. (When running on the file:/// protocol, browsers block many features from working for security reasons.)

    Does anyone knows if I can get my pictures back??

    Thanks for helping out!

  • Download the HTML, find the image you want and there will be a URL in that <image > tag. The URL goes to the image location on whatever server you are working with.

  • Download the HTML, find the image you want and there will be a URL in that <image > tag. The URL goes to the image location on whatever server you are working with.

    Hi Gumshoe, thanks for the reply!

    I am really just a beginner, so forgive me if I am asking the most easiest questions. Do you mean I can find the URL by viewing page source? Because that just seems to be the warning code.. No <img> there..

  • yea, there should be a URL to the image in the <img > tag, that is how HTML sources image files. If there is no URL, then your images are not on whatever server you are accessing and may be lost forever.

    Can you actually view your page?

  • gumshoe2029

    Oh no! I hope that's not the case!

    They should be at my hosting, right? (couldnt find them.)

    Would you mind to take a look at it?

    Here's a link to my website, under the green photo's there's a yellow link called PLAY. Right now, on my mac it's also making a html, which I cannot open. I don't know what happened. On windows it worked fine..

    url is: myriamgras dot nl

    thanks again!

  • Your images seem to load, assuming you want the ones on the main page.

    You can right click on the images on your page and choose "Save image as..." (in Windows). This will download the image files from your website onto your desktop.

    <img src="Edenigital hetching 1.png" style="width:75% " alt="© myriam gras video installation extrapool destillaat#18 december event digital hetching" /><span class="untertitel"><br /> [/code:3sn1x8eb]
    The <img src="..."...  the src is the location of the image on your website relative  to your index.html page.  In this case, the image files are in the same location as your index.html file, which if you are using a default Apache webserver would be either in ....\Apache Web Server\htdocs\ or in /var / html / www/ (remove the spaces, because Scirra's website blocks the formal web root on the forums) in a Linux setup.
  • I think you mean the green pictures which are already there, and not the images which are made once you've tapped on "play?" Because the shown pictures on the main page where made with a camera, I uploaded those myself. But thank you!

    So the problem is that the pictures, when pressed "play", are saved as an html and I cannot find a way to view them as an image. You can try by pressing the yellow "play" link.

  • How did you load the images in C2? I played your app, and normally, the c2runtime.js file loads the images via http which is detected by the debug tools. Your app had no image calls, which is very odd.

  • De app saved it on cameraroll, but now it doesnt work anymore I guess?? I have no clue.. I can send you the .capx file if you like? It goes behind my imagination right now..

    I made a back up from the tablet, and I've got 1,3 GB of ab. files, but I have to figure out how to open them (probably by some handwritten scripts to extract the apps data..), but it's complete new for me... do you have any tips?

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  • Sure, go ahead. I'll take a look at it. I will invariably learn something new here. :-p

    Just post it on a Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. and post the share link here.

  • You're the best! Haha I hope we'll learn something from this

    But since I am new, I can not post any links, so

    Here's the riddle link: https : // www

  • I'll take a look at it this weekend, when I am not swamped with programming stuffs.

  • Okay, it looks like you are pulling the images from your local storage on the browser on your computer.

    The only images that were stored in your capx are:


    So, for your other images, look in your local storage on your computer: ... age-stored

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