How do I PickUp Items To Display at the top

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  • Hi,

    I am looking for a system where i can pick up items in a random order and it puts it at the top of the player in a custom static order separating each[assign by the dev], i currently have the player picking up all the items by using the pin feature but its stacking all the rest of the pickups together and is not doing it in the order which I would like.

    i have attached a file showing what i am interested in a general form.

    thank you


  • I think I could give you the solution also with the sample file. Let me rest this head first and I'll work the case. Cheers

  • alextro thank you, no rush i'm currently working and won't be touching this game for another 9+ hours


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  • I came up with the solution. Here try this example

  • wow!!!!!!! alextro thank you so much, it took my some time to understand what you did and implemented to what i currently got, but I got it working thnx to you, now i need the objects when they get picked up to go in the the proper position assign by the dev, of is 4 gets picked up first it will go to the 4th spot and if 2 get picked up second it goes to the second spot instead of what we have.

  • Actually we just need adjust the code. Easy.

    See the change that I highlighted :

    Delete first variable than change 'self.quee' into 'self.animationFrame'

    So first item will be positioned based on their animation frame order

    (1st item frame 0)

    (2nd item frame 1)

    (3rd item frame 2)


    if you don't like zero based you could write the code: 'self.animationFrame+1' ------> just for convenient

  • alextro!!!!!! thnx again!!! that worked, going to play with this for while

    my next step is to turn each of the frames into an animation since i want them to animate when picked and while some evenst occur in the game but i'll work on that if i get stuck i'll come back here....once again thnx alextro


  • Glad to hear that. Such a pleasure to solve something

  • hi alextro;

    I was browsing around in the forums and i found the Job Offers and Team Requests, which had me thinking if i should post for anyone who is interested in helping me build this game by joining my team, but before I do that I wanted to ask you instead, you see I am pretty new to C2, my coding background is very limited, i can figure things out pretty well with the appropriate time applied, and i can't really animated, or draw, which leaves me with the game stuck in my head, a few of them!!! lol. The one you just helped me with is for my 5 year old son, he loves Mario so I decided to build a game using the Mario Sprites from devianArt and see what i can come up with, which I would find educational enough for him, and at the same time push myself to start developing my own game.

    So my question is, would you like to help me finish this game? is really a prototype and to be honest is already done, but i would like to add some other things, or do you think i should post this request on the the forum i mentioned above, once again thank you for your help...


  • Okay I listened what you are about to request. Say that I can online 3 times a week to help you partially construct the prototype and spent time only to specific area. As an artist I would love do some animation or creating GUI's, but it will took most of my time, professionally to be honest. I prefer coding since Construct 2 gave me easy acces to do this. So yes you can count me in to assist you scripting the code.

    But don't expect I write them in quick fashion. Logic is what I need to decompose first before I hit the test button.

  • awesome!!!!! and thank you alextro, I am not a fan in doing things quick at all, i'm more like a snail, i get all caught up in the creative part of it all and like I said in my earlier post the game is done, right now i am polishing it up a bit and looking at how I can make it more interesting in reference to the reward he is going to get after collecting all the objects in the proper order, animation and story line which I hope will teach him something in return.

    how should we proceed from here....?

    want me to keep messaging on this thread or do you have a better alternative?


  • if the discussion is relative short & simple you can just PM me.

    Whereas we are going to collaborate on a game, there should be a dedicated thread.

    I prefer the last scenario to keep the thread relevant.

    Start a new thread with the name of the game on it.

    So as we progress prototyping the game, others can watch & discuss altogether.

  • sounds good, going to open a game thread under the game "Game Development, Design & Ideas" alextro

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