Picking from Tiled Background Family Problem

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  • Another picking problem.. not sure what is going on here. Did I overlook something silly? Any help would be really appreciated!

    1) Have a family of tiled backgrounds with an instance variable.

    2) Trying to pick one instance from the family using that variable.

    C2 does not appear to find anything.. removing the picking will generate a random instance as expected.

    Capx here: db.tt/NpmCyI5X

    <img src="http://i.imgur.com/G51rxm2.png" border="0" />

  • Nickname function doesn't appear to get around it either.. what am I doing wrong. :(

    Capx: db.tt/zJmmkLAG

  • What you are doing has no sense. But I dont know what is the effect you want to acomplish. If you tell me what you want to happen I can do it and show you how I did it.

  • Both should work. Tested and your .capx worked as expected, the new objects are spawned at 0,0. Notice that you got 2 layouts, one with the objects that work (layout 2) and one that is empty (layout 1). Be sure to test in layout 2. :)

  • vee41 Hahaha You are right, when I tried I didnt bother to check layout 2. There it does spawn the objects because the objects are already present in the layout, in layout 1 it cant work with those events.

  • Sorry, why can't it work with those events in Layout 1? Objects have to be present in a layout to spawn them? I thought they just needed to be somewhere in the project? Sprites work like that pretty sure..

    Trying to dynamically call tiled backgrounds for different environments that the player can walk into.

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  • *Edit to do this without having all the backgrounds in the layout because there would be a ton of backgrounds.

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