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  • As always thanks to anyone taking the time reading this and trying to help.

    So I'm trying to figure out condition/action for the following:-

    family has 100 objects so individual events seems overkill


    mouseclick on family.object1(could be object1-100)


    create family.object1 (needs to create the same object that was clicked on)

    tried a bunch of stuff from mouseover to nickname and keep getting action random family.object

    thanks again for any help

  • Do you have a capx example?

    From your previous post, since you had already assigned id as instance variable on the object, so on mouse click on object, store the id of the clicked object and create the object with condition id=storedID.

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  • Its a different family, I could set ID's, but how do I store/retrieve the ID?

  • feel like I'm going in circles still can't find any system or family options to save the uid or an instance variable that will then let me create the same uid or instance variable all within the same single mouse click on object, whatever I try It just seems to pick a random object from the family to create.

  • As far I know it's impossible to create specific object from a family by adding filters to that object.. independently it will always spawn a random family object... that was one of the features I always asked for.. in construct 1 that's possible to control and it would a very welcome thing to C2.

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