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  • So I have this application I've made that displays data from an XML file on stickynotes on a scrollable bulletinboard. When the stickynotes are created, one is made for each node in the xml, and they're each assigned different nodes to display. When doubleclicked, they expand and show additional information. They can be closed by doubleclicking again. I'm trying to make it so that when you try to open a note when one is already open it closes the other one then opens the one you clicked. I can't get this to work. It seems that it's not picking the right instance when I tell it to.


    I fixed it...

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  • Come on guys I need this for a project :/

  • Solved my own problem...which I found out was a stupid mistake....

    I re-read the manual on picking instances and on how events work over and over and eventually I realized I wasn't resetting the picked instances between sub-events like I needed to. I added in some pick all events in between and now it works! ^_^

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