Picking objects but then pick SAME object outside of that..

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  • Hard to write subject, but I hope I will explain better.

    Let's say we have 10 Sprites named Ball.

    At first condition we pick out the Ball objects that have one animation name set. It result in 3 Ball being picked out.

    So everything in the actions will only reflect to these 3 Balls as it should be.

    But what if I in the SUBSET want to identify which Ball have the variable "Falling" set to 1, but not within these 3 already picked but all the 10 again...

    Confusing yes.. I hope you understand me. Is there any way to do that?

    yeah, me with having same object for every different objects and separate them through animation names... Some are enemies, some are boulder that can set to be falling, etc... ugh. But it has to be done like this or the engine won't work well.

  • Call function "fallball"

    On function "fallball"

    ball variable falling = 1, ball, do stuff

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  • use

    System -> Pick all

    before making your second selection

  • newt I was about to reply that I solved it myself with function call and passing on the stuff from the first selection as parameters. It worked. Thank you anyway.

    mindfaQ System - pick all. Interesting.

    Now this might be of help for other people.

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