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  • how to pick like 2 object out of 3 object when using PICK BY UNIQUE ID

    to pink one i use the following code which work BUT i have alot to pick and set it Var (can i pick more than one or i have to pick the 100 of them i write the following line of code for the with the SAME VARIBLE)

    sprite...pick instance with UID 1..../ sprite set variable to "Help me"

    i DO NOT a random UID, so dont say i most use this

    PICK BY UNIQUE ID _ choose(1,2)

    i want to pick some specific UID what formula can i use

  • Pick by unique ID only picks the one object with that unique ID, so you are not then able to narrow this selection down.

    by the sound of it you do not want to use UID but select your objects with another method...

    you might want to look at "compare instance variable" ?

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  • after a very long search i found it in one of you post lol

    thank to you and blckhornet

    like this

    sprite.uid 2 | sprite.uid 5

    and it work

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