How do I pick and replace colors on object creation

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  • I cannot for the life of me figure out how to pick all the pixels of a perticular color on a sprite, and change them to a new color.

    The idea here Is to create a single npc sprite sheet of animations with areas like exposed skin, hair, pants and shirt all with generic stand in colors ( like varing shades of gray). Then when a npc is actually generated in game, each different shade of gray would change to a color from a preapproved list ( hair color for instance would be changed to brown blonde or black, not just a random green or purple. Shirts pants and skin color would work the same way.

    After creation assigned colors could be maintained by UID, or a simular system to the original pick and replace function, if its even possible In the first place.

    Ive seen a few ideas on this forum but most of them use a type of mask, which seems to only comenin one flavor, rectangle. Which would be a prolem for overlaps.

    So am I crazy and just missing somthing obviouse?

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