How to pick random background on every layout except splash

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  • I have 3 animations - nebulas, stars and planets, with each one having a different number of frames. Nebulas- 4, stars - 3, planets - 9.

    I would like to pick 1 frame from each of those animations (if i could pick 1 or 2 random frames from planets would be great) and create them on the 'Space' layer of every layout except for the splash screen.

    Right now, i am using only 2 Event Sheets for all 6 layouts. I have all 'ACTION' functionality on 1 event sheet that deals with the player, asteroids, enemies and sounds during gameplay. The other event sheet holds everything else, such as menu buttons, options, high scores....

    Is it possible to do this, with as few events as possible, and/or should i have the splash screen events on their own sheet?

    Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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  • It's certainly possible to do this. Generally, I create a separate event sheet to govern my splash screen and all start up screens, instructions, level selector, leader boards, game over, etc... Depending on the type of game I try to minimize the number of event sheets for the levels themselves but, sometimes I create separate event sheet for each level. Really depends on your game but if performance is your concern, I wouldn't let that stop you from creating a separate event sheet. And sometimes it's best to create a separate event sheet for everything and then when your game is complete, migrate everything into a single sheet. You can separate their code into "Groups" that can be disabled when not in use for a particular layout.

  • Thanks for the information. That sounds like a plan.

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