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  • Hi,

    Please see the attached CAPX, I am trying to pick all the instance of an Object overlapping another Object. "Pick overlapping point" should ideally do it but it does, maybe its a bug. Please help..


  • Please explain a couple of things.. why are there no actions, and why do you have two identical events? (5 and 6). Also the 'every tick' has no effect there (I changed it to every 0.2 seconds to reduce the amount logging).

    How do you know this is not working? I added a log message to event 6 which shows that 2 sprites are selected correctly when they both overlap that point. Finally, why are you using "is overlapping object" in event 2 and "is overlapping x, y" in event 6? Just for testing I presume.

  • codah Thanks for looking into it, Keepee from IRC helped me resolve the issue. Basically I need to add 'Pick All' along with 'Pick overlapping point' to get it to work,


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  • I don't see how that was the solution tbh. At least in the sample you posted.

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