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  • Hi Constructors!


    I've been fighting with setting up some multi touch control events.

    I am moving the player using isTouching sprite.

    and i have a big blank sprite covering most of the screen for firing.

    my firing events says if isTouching fireSprite, spawn a ammo with bullet behavior towards angle(ammo.x, ammo.y, touch.x, touch.Y).

    Now if my first touch is on the fireSprite and then i move around while shooting, everything works fine, but if i move first then i try to sho?t the system picks the 1st touch X and Y and shot towards the UP/DOWN controls.

    So what i am basically trying to do is if touchCount or has Nth touch is bigger than 0, pick touch where touch.x is bigger than 150 and shot to that X and Y.

    Any suggestions?

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  • Nevermind i finally got around it using Touch.XForID.

    Thanks anyways!

  • Is it possible that CocoonJs does not support the touch ForID expressions?

    Playing on android through firefox i am getting the right result, but not on CJ.

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