How do I pick my nose?

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  • I'm having a little instance picking confusion. I know there's a lot of stuff about it around here, but I've read so much of it, I've just gotten myself confused. (good chance I've seen the answer and just didn't recognize it)

    Let's say I want to know if one nose is right above another, something like:

    If nose is overlapping nose at offset (0, -50)

    No problem. now next, I want to do some other comparisons in sub-events (or not?) with these two noses, something like:

    if the first nose.x < the second nose.x

    but there are many other nose instances, so they could be any random number uids and such.

    how do I know and use exactly which two noses I'm dealing with?

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  • I haven't actually done this yet, so I might be wrong: instead of just creating a sprite for the noses, create a family. Then you can compare if a family member is overlapping another family member, without having to specify which noses.

    I think families are one of those things they hold back for the licensed version, though.

  • Hey spacedoubt, have you read this article? I think it will help. If you have the full version, because it requires families.

    Edit: link ... o-families

  • I had a feeling you were going to say that..

    Still a couple weeks before I'll be able to get the license.

    Sad, I know.

    I don't suppose there's any fairly simple way to pull this off without families? I'm guessing not.

    (started coming up with some pretty overly complex ways, heh)

    Good read, though, codah

    I'll be ready when the time comes!

    Thanks, guys!

  • They were really clever in choosing which features to release & which ones to release only to licensed users. Since I got mine, I can't believe how much I love just being able to shut down the program without waiting 3 seconds...devious bastards

  • Haha! It really is brilliant. Every time it happens, I can't help but think I deserve it...

  • The moral is, don't pick your nose(s)!

  • Funny, you'd say that codah I finally accomplished what I wanted by taking a different route entirely.

    No picking involved! (though I was never actually using noses)

    Game idea: "Pick 'em and eat 'em!"

    What..? It's about fruit...

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