How do I pick from multiple object types?

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  • Hi

    I am using a variety of plugins and keep hitting the same problem. I need to pick from multiple object types, but am forced to choose one for an action.

    As an example, I have built a chess board using two different object types. I've used "tileBlack" and "tileWhite" objects. Initially I only had a single object type (tile) with different frames for the colouring, BUT i had problems with this that splitting it resolved.

    Using the SLG_Movement plugin, I want to pick the path between the chosen piece and the clicked tile.. but I can only select one object type - ie Black tile or White tile. As a path will include both types of tiles, it'll make pathfinding impossible.

    I have attached my capx file that builds the grid, places all the pieces, allows you to choose a piece, and it highlights moveable areas... BUT the areas are really inconsistent and movement just doesn't work properly.

    I was hoping somebody could take a quick look and spot my obvious mistakes

  • Have you looked at using a family for Tiles? I'm not at my computer so can't try the capx.

  • codah Unfortunately i'm currently using the free version which doesn't support "families".

    I wanted to make a prototype, ensure it did everything I wanted, before investing in the full version and publishing my game.

    It's a great suggestion though, and it looks like its exactly what I need.

    I guess i need to either invest in the full version and hope it'll do everything I need, or find an alternative.

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  • I didn't realise. sorry about that. I bought the full version just days after first saw it. I think it's worth it

  • Yeah, families are definitely the way to go. Barring that, I think you're gonna waste a lot of time finding a suitable solution to your problem, only to scrap it all once you get the full version.

    What are you using to store your path? I can't see your capx because I'm not at my computer :c

  • codah no worries, and no need to apologise. I'm the cheapskate here lol.

    monitz87 im pretty sure I'll be buying this one, so you could be right on the wasting time thing. I'm using rexs' instgroup to store the path, and slg_movement to pick the path.

    Ooooohhhh I've just figured out a way to do it! I place an invisible grid over the top and use that for pathfinding and highlighting etc. Frame 0 will just be transparent, frame 1 the highlight... That fixes everything for me the board can just be a background image.

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