How do I pick an instance from and instance i just picked?

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  • Basically ive been messing around with these conditions which it doesn't seem to actually work when RoomWalls is actually equal to "Shop

    I need to pick the next instance of an object up from what i just picked but i'm not sure what other way to try.

  • My bad, the object is RoomInside not RoomWalls.

  • I think i Solved it by calling another function after it is equal to "Shop".

    Now I just want to know if anyone can tell me does that RoomInside that just called the function pass through to the function so if I refer to that RoomInside.IID it will be the one the function called? because I just moved the second pick RoomInside event into the function and it appears to be working and I didn't add a parameter RoomInside.IID and refer too that which is how i have been doing things mostly.

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  • Another option is to add RoomInside object to a family. Then you will be able to pick two separate instances in the same event.

    Pick RoomInside instance N
    	Pick FamilyRoomInside instance (RoomInside.IID+1)
  • I actually cant seem to get the family to work yet gotta keep messing with it.

  • OK, I think I finally got it with making a family called RoomFam. I again referred to RoomInside in the next event but I needed to refer to RoomFam again instead.

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