How do I pick furthest cell with specific data in the array

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  • Hi,

    Working on level generator and I am looking for a way to pick furthest as well as nearest specific data in array from a selected point. Any clue how to get this done? thanks

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  • You could do it with a second array we'll call "list" and has a size of (0,3,1).

    So you'd first loop over your array and check if any spot is equal to that certain value. If it is then make the list one longer and store the distance, and the current x and y in the array.

    After that use the sort action on list and the first value will be the closest and the last will be the furthest.

    Every tick

    --- set list size to (0,3,1)

    Array: for each xy

    Array: current value=certainValue

    --- list push 0 front

    --- set list at (0,0) to distance(X,y, array.curx, array.cury)

    --- set list at (0,1) to array.curx

    --- set list at (0,2) to array.cury

    Every tick

    --- list: sort

    Then the closest X and y would be:,1),2)

    And the furthest:,1),2)

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