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  • Hello :)

    So, there's a platform movement, walks along solid floor and up slopes and whatnot, and I decide I want to add physics. I give the physics behaviour to the player and the floor, and I make some box sprites to test collision. Now, the player vibrates when he's landed, and the box sprites behave nicely, and the pushing collision isn't so bad when the player touches the boxes, but then I wonder,

    How would I perfect the collision with the box+player?

    How would I prevent the player from vibrating up and down on the ground?

    How would I allow the player to be able to stand on the box? (Setting a Solid behaviour stops the player from being able to push the boxes)

    Thanks very much <img src="smileys/smiley4.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Physics behavior is not compatible with the platformer behavior. Your best bet is to synthesize a platform movement using physics. it's fairly easy to do.

  • One of the way to control player in box2d is to make kinematic body. But i didnt find this in construct 2.

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  • Not sure what a 'kinematic body' is, but making a physics based platformer is trivial. Just apply forces for side movement, and an upwards impulse for jump.

  • "A kinematic body is an hybrid body which is not affected by forces and collisions like a static body but can moved with a linear velocity like a dynamic body." And by dynamic bodies you don't have control over mass in cons2. Why this physic restrictions by cons2? Box2D is very powerfull and cons2 use this engine.

  • Sam55555, I think Scirra were focused on implementing the most important features. They can't do everything ;)

    Also, I'm pretty sure you can control density, which is just mass with area factored out.

  • is right , it's fairly easy to make a platformer with physics plugin !

  • Hmm, I did try making a physics platformer using Construct Classic a very long time ago, but the main problem I ran into was traveling down slopes. How would I keep the player firmly on a slope as it travels down it as a physics object? The platform behaviour in Construct 2 handles slopes perfectly :P

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