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  • Hey there,

    i have a little question to the experts here. I need a little *.capx Example

    that's shows how i can do the Layer-Zoom Effect like in Anry Birds. After all Physics have Played to End the Zoom-Out - Zoom in Effect to the "Start Position" should be automaticly Played.

    Also i need a very little Zoom-In Zoom out Example for the Mouse-Wheel...

    Hopefully anybody can help me...


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  • When you need examples like this, first check the "Examples" folder where you installed C2, it displays lot of interesting things.

    And even if there isn't the stuff you're specifically looking for at the time, checking them out and understanding how they work helps anyway.

    Also there is the how do I FAQ which list tons of examples and, relevant to your question, some example of zooming camera in the "Camera/Scrolling" section.

    Check those out too.

    And once again, even if it seems to you that elements listed are not relevant, still check them out, you might learn technics and tricks that you can then apply to some other features/part of your own projects.

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