[physics]Having issues with angle locking(I think)

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  • I'm not really sure what is happening here. Providing the player does not turn there is no problem with forward acceleration. As soon as the player turns it all becomes a mess. I have tried Self.Angle and what is in the capx currently. I could use some help and insight as to what is happening to fix it and avoid the problem in the future.


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  • for some reason the collision polygon is what's making it veer around to face the left.

    Setting it to box stops this from happening

    could be a bug with physics behaviour

    Other than that, to 'tighten' the controls I'd recommend setting linear/angular damping pretty high, and increasing the forces/torque applied to compensate. This will lower the inertia

  • Thanks for the suggestion. I have no idea why the poly collision was doing that. A square poly and the box option both work fine :). Though I would like to find out why the poly collision is causing the effect. I could understand if it was some tilting based weight, but it just wants to hang to the left of the screen. I can work with a box for now.

    Thanks for the help :) I also working with your physics suggestions. they are coming a long well :)

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