Physics Vehicle Test(Advice needed)

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  • Here is what i have achieved so far as to a physics based vehicle in the form of a bike.


    I think im closed to the desired effect people are requesting for. But i cannot figure it out.

    The problem i have is whilst its in the air, Im currently applying a impulse at the CarBody's current angle.

    Problems with that:

    • When in the air, and you press a arrow key your constantly applying the impulse meaning you can basically fly, We need the user to be able to fall back down.
    • Whilst in air the user will want to adjust there angle for a smooth landing, I can make this happen(I did have it on the example, But was using a third party plugin, So i removed it for the sake of help)
  • Oh wait i figured the image point thing out, Silly me.

    If someone has a though on how to produce the vehicle let me know :)

  • Example capx

    It's not fully working. Nevertheless, it shows how to create joints (you could also have checked back the physics tutorial for that).

    The idea there is to put acceleration and decceleration on the backwheel.

    It doesn't take the angle of the carbody into account for now, I'll leave it up to your good care.

    The rotation of the carbody seems buggy too, but is some sort of possible implementation to implement a motorcycle behavior like in motoX for example.

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  • Thanks Kyatric

    I did try using torque before, But it doesn't feel 'right' like motoX,

    Is this because it doesnt take the angle into account?

    I tried increasing the torque but then the wheel just keeps spinning and even less movement.

  • Kyatric, Do you think torque is the way to go?

    Is it something to do with the density,elasticity, friction or damping of the terrain its moving on?

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