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  • Where I'm stuck is attempting to give a physics vehicle the ability to jump, with a very clear and predictable path. Since the vehicle relies on physics for the wheels, giving the body platform behaviour really causes everything to go crazy. I attempted to instead use a physics solution (impulse), but the jump was incredibly unpredictable. That makes designing a platform game a nightmare.

    Is there any way to use the vehicle in my capx file, and give it the ability to perform a predictable jump (arrow up key)?

    Another important factor was that I do not want the car to ever flip over. When using physics for jumping, I created angle restrictions for the CarBody to never go outside the 20 or 340 degree angle range. I removed that from the attached capx file, since a better jumping solution may not need this.

    Another important thing is that the vehicle should never be able to jump while already in the air. I might have to solve that with an attached helper to the bottom of the vehicle, with a condition event to only allow jumps when it overlaps the ground(again, dependent on a better solution).

    Here is my capx:

    Vehicle capx

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  • If anyone can help on this, that would be appreciated. I can't progress without nailing down the player dynamics.

    Part of the reason behind needing a solution other than physics, is that "jumping" has horrible results on ramps. Especially at 45 degree angles.

  • I've decided to not use physics, instead relying on Platform behaviour exclusively.

    It would have been nice to have realistic wheel behaviour, but there was just too much unpredictability with physics (as there should be).

    Ignore this thread. I was likely asking for far too much.

  • Can you reupload this?

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