How do I use physics to: knock something over from the front

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  • I'm make a game where you throw the ball directly in front of you... so the ball gets smaller and smaller as it goes into the distance.

    Then.. the ball will hit an object in the distance and knock the object over. However, I'm trying to figure out how to get the object to fall down by getting hit in the front.. basically, I want the bottle to not just fall over to the side/gravity, but would like it to be hit in the front and then fall backwards (hopefully I'm explaining it properly).

    By way of example.. if the ball hit the bottle from front, the bottle would fall backwards where you might basically see the bottom of the bottom as the top of the bottle falls backwards.

    Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  • You'll need some clever math to do it I think. The library that does the physics calculations in Construct 2 is called Box2D. What you want is in a 3rd dimension I think, and as such is a lot harder to do.

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  • Math!? Oh boy... There goes that idea. Every single time I look at the tutorials with ANY math I just skip it... I'm a bit of a dummy.

    O well... if anybody figures out an alternative EASY way to create the same effect, please do let me know... Hmm.... I know... what if I create an animated .gif of the bottle falling over..and then after the animated gif finishes its animation, then the gravity kicks in and it actually falls down? That might work... of course, I suck with animated .gifs but you get the idea.

    Anybody have any better ideas that requires ZERO math for a novice like me? Many thanks.

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