Physics: Sticky surface?

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  • I feel like this is a simple question and I'm just searching for the answer incorrectly.

    I'm making a physics puzzler where different surfaces do different things to a falling/bouncing object.

    I've got surfaces that bounce it away and surfaces that launch it like a speed boost, but the one that's giving me trouble is a surface that slows down the object when it hits, kind like a sticky wall or some kind of shock absorber. I wasn't sure what settings I needed to adjust and if I needed to adjust them on the surface object or the bouncing object or both, and playing around with various numbers in the objects wasn't getting me anywhere.

    Do I need to do something to the bouncing object on its collision with the sticky surface in the events?

  • Reduce the bouncing objects speed. You could be more clear about what are you really planning to do. You could post a screenshot or .capx.

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  • Here's an isolated case that I threw together. When the ball hits the pink surface, I want the ball to behave as though the surface absorbed its shock, so slow it down, yes.

    So are you saying that I should manually set the ball's velocity on collision with the pink surface?

  • You should do it through events, because sticky isn't an existing state in the physics engine.

    Just make an event - on collision with pink - set velocity to 0

  • Thanks!

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