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  • I've been reading up on this issue and this limitation boggles me much.

    It has destroyed my shot at participating in the next compo, because I'm already frustrated for being limited in my knowledge on how to circumvent this issue or even go around it, unless taking a huge path that will ultimately lead to frustration, so I'd better ask what I need to know instead of wasting more hours in a dead horse. Also, feasible ideas are not plentiful for a beginner in a software.


    I'm was in the process of making an awesome game, the best ever in the history of my house. Really, it would be ginourmous in its grandeur and would make me my own personal god. Or something along those lines.

    I was to be a "make sphere go to exit, navigating through a maze" and there would be a lot of humor, riches and love to be found. Except the humor, riches and love.

    But physics are weird in its implementation, as even in a transparent background, the sphere behaves as if it was in the middle of a solid object. For what I know, there's no way around this, right? In haven't found this in the forum, though I was led to believe this was a fairly obvious thing to happen.

    Secondly, how can I set a gravity point? Though I have quit doing this (way too much work setting all single damned line in my maze for the X levels), I got stuck when rotating the layer/layout and the sphere fell nice, but on rotation, it followed the rotation but didn't respond to gravity. I assume gravity was also changed upon rotation, so the rotation actually applies to the camera, changing how we view things, it does not rotate the game world, yes?


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  • This may answer your gravity angle question. In short, simply set gravity to 0 and add constant force that represents the gravity - at desired angle.

    As for sprites behaving as if they were within solids - well, you've got to make sure the transparent background is not part of the physics world. So the background object shouldn't have physics behavior nor solid/jumpthru attributes; in that case it will be ignored. For collidable structures use separate objects.

    Or so I believe, at least.

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