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  • Hi

    i have two objects (A,B) with physics behavior and i made a revolute joint between them

    object A is movable and object B will be attached to it all the time as if they are one thing

    now when object A move faster object B is following it , it looks like B is chasing A , and i see space between them

    what i want is to make B attached to A all the time even if A is moving fast

    i want them to look like one object

    using Pin instead of revolute joint does that and make them attached to each other no matter how fast they move

    but i still want to make physics for both

    and i think i can not use Pin with physics revolute joint at the same time

    thank you all

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  • It would probably be easier if you shared your capx, so we can check this ourselves..

    For example, it could be you are trying to create the revolute joint every tick..

    Just another thought:

    I would only use physics if it is absolutely nescessary for your game and can't be faked in any way..

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