Physics Problem with a rope and a helicopter

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  • Link to the a file in question.

    I've been trying to work this problem out for a while now to no avail for the past few days.

    I'm trying to build a simple helicopter design with something attached to it via a rope.

    In the example above I have had to remove all custom sprites and images, so I hope black boxes will suffice for now.

    As you can see the rope looks odd and doesn't stick to the helicopter.

    Any help you can suggest will be greatly appreciated.

  • Does no one know how to fix this problem?

  • Come on guys, please. This has me really stumped, a link or anything to a solution would be ideal.

    I don't expect this done for me, just need some advice in the right direction

  • sorry work and can't try it out for myself, but have you used the joints correctly?

    I tried something "similar" what you described (okay, without a heli) but with a rope, would an example of this help you?

  • I since edited the joints so that they now correctly link together

    *Updated the file in drop box*

    I'm now just struggling to stop the Magnet (Attached to rope, attached to helicopter) from being able to spin all the way round.

    I tried a limited revolute joint but that just seemed to cause the magnet to bug between odd positions that I didn't set.

    Thanks for the example, its not far off what I'm hoping to achieve but the hook of your rope is attached to a static object whereas mine is controlled by the player.

  • Use a limited revolute joint with the lower/upper angles set to -90/90, say. Disable physics collisions between the rope and helicopter/magnet. And use 'apply torque' to rotate the helicopter.

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  • Spot on Ramones, works perfectly.

    Need to alter the limitation a little for the perfect effect but I can't thank you enough.

    3 days of struggling and in less then 30 seconds I can see it working like a dream.

  • Can you share the CAPX for who have the same issue see the solution?

    I'm talking it because many people is beginning and it can help them a lot.

  • Sure thing, the link should remain the same as I've just updated the drop box file. Hope that helps TelleS0808.

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