Physics problem when adding animations

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  • Hey ya'll

    I've got some physics objects that float in space and when you grab them, it creates a slingshot that fires them off in the opposite direction using a physics force. So far so good, however when I want each object to have it's own animation, the objects framerate drops immensely when it gets fired off! Everything else on screen that doesn't have the physics behaviour, moves and acts normally, it is only when I have the animated object reacts to physics!

    Does anyone know how I could resolve this? Ideally without just having to have the objects not be animated.

    Thanks folks

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  • Make the animation sprite separate from the object.

    Create object (box) with physics Behavior

    Create the Animation sprite with pin Behavior.

    On start of layout

    --Set animation sprite position to object position

    --Pin the sprite to object.

    Then the sprite should follow the object and not effect the physics.

  • Ah brilliant! I now realise why they say to do that in the platformer tutorial. Thanks for your suggestion DurandalCorp, I'll give it a shot!

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